Core Technology:

◆  High-energy laser excites the Phosphor Crystal and results white ligh

◆  Lighting central point brightness up to 780cd/mm²

◆  10000 hours warranty life

◆  Not Including movement element, high-performance stability and shock resistance

◆  Low-voltage driving, simple on and off

◆  Full visible spectrum,no infrared ray and UV

◆  Adjustable brightness(AM and FM)


Products Features:

◆  High adaptability        

◆  Very flexible structure applying

Heat dissipation requirements: 

◆  Heat dissipation system only need to works on the cooling surface(as the picture showing). The temperature of the cooling surface can’t higher than 60 ℃

◆  The heat sink must stick the laser source cooling surface tightly. Can’t fill up anything between them to ensure the heat could be cooled quickly by the heat sink.

◆  If necessary,please using extra fan to cool on the heat sink, to make sure the temperature won’t rise.

◆  Heat calculating: Heat=Driving electrical power x heat enerygy rate=deriving electrical x 70%

Driver connector:

According the appearance sizes picture showing, in the Positive and negative pad,soldering Positive and negative wires.

Drive Mode:

Constant current to drive , the actual voltage of drive  circuit is decided by light source.Please set the Max. Output power is 4.8V, and ensure there is no higher output voltage than it, including start power and ripple moment. Considering possible power voltage, the Max. Can be higher a little.Friendly suggest to use copper wire to reduce circuit partial pressure.

Driver circuit design refer:

We could offer driver circuit design for your referring, please contact with your sales engineer.


◆  Car Work lights



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