The founder of the company attended the Tsinghua University seminar of department forum

Recently, Mr.Yang Yi, founder and chairman of Shanghai Blue Lake Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., was invited by The Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, attended the Tsinghua University Compound Semiconductor Seminar and Department Forum.

The forum was held in the lecture hall on the Romani Building of the Electronics Department. There are more than 370 guests and teachers from academia, industry and capital fields and the leader of the Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University attend in the forum. Mr.Yang Yi, as a representative of the industry, delivered a keynote speech on "the opportunities and challenges of laser application in the lighting industry". In the sharing, Mr.Yang Yi expressed his own opinions and outlook on the current situation, future development trend, industrial scale and the development of cutting-edge technology of laser lighting in the field of lighting.

In the following discussion session, the guests had a heated discussion on the semiconductor lighting and the next important 100 billion photoelectric semiconductor market topic.