Blue Lake through the intellectual property management system certification

In order to effectively protect intellectual property rights, improve the core competitiveness of products, and stimulate the innovation and creative spirit of staff.  Implement the requirements of the State Council and the request by the relevant ministries and commissions for intellectual property certification, to improve the effectiveness of intellectual property certification. Previously our company has carried out the relevant construction, improvement and certification of intellectual property management system around intellectual property management, and has successfully passed the certification of intellectual property management system.

The construction of intellectual property management system has effectively improved the enterprise innovation ability, that will conducive to enterprises to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Helping speed up achieve innovation benefits, becoming an e an important starting point to comprehensively improve the internal management of enterprises and obtain external competitive advantage. It has played an important role in boosting the innovative development of enterprises, enhancing their core competitiveness, promoting supply-side structural reform, and building an innovative country.