Blue Lake launched a white laser light source that meets the US FDA and EU EN62471 standards

Blue Lake uphold the enterprise spirit of "professional, focused, concentration ",keeping innovation and breakthroughs in the development, continuous R&D and exploration.In order to meet the different needs of customers, through unremitting efforts and attempts,launched a high-safety white laser light source product-WP-ST1 that meets both the US FDA and EU EN62471:2008 dual standard certification.

The light source product adopts the technology of Blue Lake's own intellectual property rights, which effectively avoids the harm of laser to the human body. The Luminance of this product reaches 537cd/mm²,the luminous output is 450Lm under 2A current, and the color temperature is 5000K.Under the premise of performance unchanged, it meets both the US FDA laser safety standards and EN 62471: 2008 standards in terms of security.Which the FDA certificated approved the I-level standard, that is completely safe to the human eye. It belongs to the same security level as the well-known laser product-Blu-ray DVD player, which shows how high safety to the human eye.What’s more rare is that our products also meet the standards promulgated by the European Union for laser products EN62471: 2008.This standard mainly measures the light’s wave length of the products,and integrate the effects of the time, angle, and sensitivity of human eyes and skin to light reaction.Passing this standard means that our products have little harm to the human body and are sufficiently safe to meet relevant EU standards to enter the European market.

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